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Deal or No Deal

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咪乐|直播|平台|二维码苹果 随后台盟中央副主席杨健、张泽熙、连介德、吴国华、郑建闽以及全体机关干部向无名英雄纪念碑敬献鲜花并瞻仰无名英雄纪念碑。

Genre: Puzzle

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What's Your Number?

Try your luck in finding the $1,000,000 briefcase in the only officially licensed casual game based on the hit TV game show!

Choose your first suitcase to set aside then choose which suitcases to eliminate. The banker will make offers based upon the probability that your first suitcase contains the big prize money.

It will be up to you whether you will take the bankers deal or say, “NO DEAL.”

Do you have what it takes to make the right deal, or will you be left with nothing? Test your skills now. One question: Deal or No Deal?